Termites are a pest no homeowner wants to have a problem with. When termites enter a home in great numbers, they can slowly begin to cause damage that can go on for years. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize they have a problem with termites until it is too late. It is imperative homeowners seek the professionals for yearly termite inspections and know the signs to look for, so they will know if they need to call Pest Control Kennesaw.

Signs of Termite Problems

Termites typically live within the walls and floors of a home and they can go unnoticed for many years. When termites become a big problem in a home, prompt intervention is needed to stop the progression of damage. If a homeowner does not know the warning signs of termites in their home, they will not know when they need to seek treatment. The following are some of the signs that may be noticed by homeowners.

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Weak spots in the wood areas of a home could be a sign there are problems with termites. When termites feed on wood, they leave behind hollow-sounding wood that has been damaged. Sometimes, it is difficult for a homeowner to determine the level of damage without some excavation.

Sometimes a homeowner will actually be able to hear the munching and crunching sounds going on in their walls. When these sounds are noticed, this means there are a large number of termites living within the home.

Shed wings will sometimes be noticed and they will lie in piles. Shed wings should not be ignored because this is a telltale sign there is a major problem with termites that needs to be taken care of right away.

In the spring months, homeowners may notice swarms of flying termites that are seen around the lights of their home. If these are noticed, there is a good chance the termites have begun to invade the home.

Do Not Wait to Seek Treatment

If you are dealing with termite problems, it is imperative you seek Termite Control Kennesaw. With the professionals, you can get rid of your termite problems once and for all.

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